Launch of Elevate518 is Set to Aid Organizations in Grants, Programs and Projects

April 18, 2019

Launch of Elevate518 is Set to Aid Organizations in Grants, Programs and Projects  

Peru, NY – Elevate518 is a new regional start-up positioned to develop funds and manage projects that generate economic growth and quality-of-life for businesses, non-profits and municipalities.  From concept to completion, Elevate518’s focus is on specific and measurable goals to bring wide-reaching value to the region. 

Capabilities of Elevate518 include grant applications and project management, fund development, catalytic visioning, third-party facilitation, revenue generation, data collection and economic studies, facility operations, annual operations budgeting, long-term capital budgeting, and marketing and social media navigation.

“Our focus is to work either on specific concepts and projects or to work with an organization and advance a piece of a larger plan to completion,” Said Steve Peters, owner and founder of Elevate518.  “The key to Elevate518 is to ‘begin with the end in mind.’  What does a project look like when it’s done?  How does it impact the organization and its constituents, and how do we get there?  For example, Elevate518 will work toward something as impactful as a community playground, or marketing study that yields tangible and accurate data that is then used for private investment.  In all cases, the goal will always be to yield a valuable completion.”

Steve Peters is the owner and founder of Elevate518 and has over 20 years’ experience in non-profit, for-profit and municipal organizations where he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and managed multiple projects.


“Through my experiences in multiple sectors I’ve seen a need for a business like Elevate518 to work as a project funding and management team from the drawing board to the ribbon cutting.”


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